Welcome to a website owned and controlled by Loya Insurance. To let you know that your information will be properly handled and secured with us, here is our Privacy Policy that explained how we collect and use and store your personal information whenever you visit or access our Websites and also entails how we use your personal information in regards to other linked Websites and electronic medias.

About Collected Information

Loya Insurance collects the information that you supply to us through the Websites whenever you register to use and access the website or to get a quote or buy services or product through the site. Such collected information may include some basic personal information like your name, e-mail address, postal address or date of birth. Other additional information such as your lifestyle and insurance requirements, like your car details, your home or your travel arrangements. Other sensitive information in some cases we may collect is information like health information or details about any previous criminal convictions.

Furthermore, Loya Insurance will always be clear to give you details about why we need this information and how we will process, store and use it, and we will always obtain your exclusive consent to use such sensitive personal information.

Also, information regarding other members of your family or household, like the family members who may be opportune to drive your car or who may be added to a travel insurance or other policy. Also, we may request about and your communication and marketing preferences.

Information collected from third parties

We may also use information from public sources that may be used in many ways, like assessing your application for a quote or a service, to confirm your identity, carry out anti-scam checks, or to offer you with payment options or to offer you with our customized or premium offers.

Loya Insurance will always be transparent with you and give you options about how we use this information and about providing further information in our processing having your consent everywhere necessary.

Online networks

Loyal Insurance may also use information from online networks and sources, like websites, social media and other information sharing platforms. Such information may assist us in improving our services and also improve our communication with you because we are aware that many of our customers use many social media channels to share information and communicate.

In situations where we collect information from these sources, we will regard any permissions you have put in place about how you would prefer your information to be used.

Cookies and other technologies

We collect certain unidentifiable information through “Cookies” and some other technologies like pixel tags or links to remember your preference and choices when you visit our Website. This will improve your browsing experience to suit your browsing needs. Also, these help us know how you and others users use and access our Website, view our services and products and also respond to our advertisements, and this will assist us in tailoring personalized marketing that enhances our overall service offering.

Furthermore, whenever you visit our website, we may store your device information like software and hardware used, location, and also how you interact within our website. Also, we may use your information in an unidentifiable form that keeps you anonymous to analyze the way people use our Website, view our products and services and also respond to our advertisements.

Whenever you get a direct marketing from us through email, we may also use pixel tags or links to know how you use our website and how your interest in our direct marketing.

How we use and share your information

Loyal Insurance may share, collect or store your information from across the Loya Insurance group and depend on your choices and preferences; we may use such collected information to identify services or products that you may be interested in. We may also use such information including personal information held within the Loyal Insurance company relating to our policies held with us, claim or quotes details, to control pricing or/and offer discounts available.

In a situation where you purchase products or services from us, your personal information may be used for administrative purposes like determining premiums, underwriting, offering renewals and managing claims. We will also provide you with more information in line with our fair processing notices when you purchase.

Furthermore, your information or information about how you use our services or products may also be used for statistical and research purposes, for instance, to analyze and envisage individuals’ or people’s behavior, interests and choices.

Also, we may, as requested by law, and without notification or consent, use your information for fraud and crime prevention, systems administration within the Loyal Insurance and to check, monitor or enforce our website’s compliance with any regulatory codes and rules.

Data transfer and security

Please note that your information may be transferred or moved by any Loyal Insurance group or affiliate companies to any country, as well as countries outside of The United States, for processing, administration, storage, or any other use explained in this policy. However, we will make sure that every data processor or controller to whom we send your data consent to treat your information with the same protection in line with the requirement of the Data Protection regulations in The United States.

Hence, by giving us your personal information, you consent and agree to the transfer of your information as explained above.


At Loyal Insurance, we are committed to protecting the security and confidentiality your provided information, and we put appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security procedures to safeguard against any unauthorized access, damage to, loss, or disclosure of your information.


This Website may contain links or ads to other third party websites. However, these other websites will have their own privacy policies and practices which may be different from our Privacy Policy. You are hereby advised to carefully read the privacy policies of any visited websites before submitting any of your personal information.


For any questions, inquiry or concerns relating to this Privacy Policy or other issues, please contact us at:

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