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Loya insurance companyAuto insurance application used to be a complex procedure that involved a lot of negotiations with providers’ representative and jargon’s difficult to understand. Now that the technologies have improved to a great extent, businesses of all fields have also become more accessible via Internet, and insurance industry is not an exception. People can find a lot of different providers with few clicks of a button and ask for quotes within minutes.

While the Internet seems to erase the gaps in communication regardless of distance, many customers still prefer the old ways; they want to communicate in direct conversation with agents and figure out the price or discounts in mutual discussions. The internet acts like an effective bridge to connect companies and policyholders, but direct communication is better to create the sense of personal connection. Auto insurance is a business that relies on trust at personal level, so close association between policyholders and providers remains essential despite the advent of remote communication through both phones and Internet.

Loya Insurance Company is one among few that still maintain the old tradition of such direct communication model

As of 2016, Loya Insurance company has more than 700 branch offices across Texas (headquarter), Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, and Ohio. A lot of major names in auto insurance market also have branch offices indeed, but the company stands out from the crowd with its strategic office placements in public areas. Most of the branch offices are in familiar locations for examples department stores, street corners, and commercial office buildings. The idea behind those customers-friendly locations is to allow the agents/employees develop close relations with policyholders and potential buyers. Because the offices are in public places, everyone has easy access to the agents to ask questions, make payments, file claims, and apply for auto insurance.

Application Process

For those who are new to auto insurance and in the market to get one, it is important to understand the basic procedures and avoid common mistakes in the process. Here is a breakdown of the application procedures.

1. Communicate with Agents

Establish communication with insurance agents. This is the part where customers should provide personal information and tell the agents about what they need. Applicants need to prepare data as follows.

• Vehicle information: it conveys year, make, model, engine size, identification number, and average mileage. Ownership status of the vehicle is also necessary (full ownership or in a lease).

• Driver information: it consists of numerous data for examples primary and secondary drivers as well as their licenses. Two people of the same household can put their names on one insurance policy to get lower rate. Some insurance companies require personal data such as credit score and previous DMV records; Loya Insurance Company does not need those details for applications.

• Previous Insurance: first-time buyers do not need to provide this information. Applicants with previous policies must inform the new insurer about past insurance histories.

Insurance companies also need to know applicant’s profession and home address. At Loya Insurance Company office, the agent explains everything necessary to complete the applications form.

2. Determine the Coverage

A discussion with an agent helps determine the right coverage to get. Most states have minimum coverage requirements, and these are not questionable. Coverage limit must also comply with state’s regulation. Please consult local DMV to figure out the auto insurance requirement in the state before application submission.

Loya Insurance Company offers optional coverage as well for example Comprehensive and Collision

An insurance agent can help determine whether or not the applicants require them. There are many factors to consider such as price of the car, ownership status, annual mileage, and address. The company that finances the car may require drivers to purchase optional coverage. Higher annual mileage means the car spends a lot of time on the road, hence higher risk of accidents; address indicates whether or not the driver parks the car in safe neighborhood. A combination of those factors tells insurance agent if the optional coverage is necessary.

3. Review the Policy

With Loya Insurance Company, application approval is almost always a certainty. It has no reason to reject application just because a driver had accidents in the past. Also, credit score is not a factor in determining approval. Even with easy application procedures, customers still need to review the policies and ask questions about any difficult-to-understand explanations or terms. Since the process takes place in branch office, customers can consult the agents in direct conversation, so there is no need to make a lot of phone calls or make appointments.

Common Mistakes in Insurance Applications

First-time buyers may not be aware of some important preparations. While this is not a big deal, it can slow down the process and postpone approval. Avoid these common mistakes:

• No preparation at all: insurance application forms ask for a lot of data. It is best to prepare all the data at home beforehand. Ask the agent to know what data are necessary and how to collect them.

• Purchase only the minimum requirements: state’s coverage requirement is the bare minimum of auto insurance anybody should purchase. However, it does not mean drivers do not need to purchase a complete coverage protections.

• Purchase more insurance than necessary: nobody wants to waste money on things they do not need, so it is crucial to figure out the exact types of coverage to avoid extra expense.

Bottom line, it takes a lot of data and considerations to purchase the right auto insurance coverage. An agent can help determine the most appropriate purchase, so applicants feel confident that every dollar they spend is worth the value.

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