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Loya Car Insurance Calculators Online

Loya car insurance calculators online

With the economy rebounding the last couple years, more and more consumers are out shopping for new vehicles. Smart shoppers looking for an automobile great deal will also look for great deals on auto insurance. Anyone can check rates with Loya car insurance calculators online and get a rough estimate of his or her expected insurance costs in just a few seconds.

When you buy a car, you need to look into all of the operating costs associated with it, especially coverage costs. The last thing you want to end up doing is getting a car that fits into your budget, only to find out that the insured rates are prohibitive.

Car Insurance Factors

Numerous factors go into the pricing for your specific insurance rate. So many new drivers ask the question, “how much is auto insurance”. If you get a car insurance estimate with Loya, your driving history will play a huge role in the premiums you end up paying, this is due to the risks associated with your driving history.

If you have had one or more at-fault accidents in the past two years, you will pay much more than a driver who has had no accidents. Having reckless driving charges or DUIs can also send your rates to sky high, or you may even find it hard to get your vehicle covered at all. With an auto insurance calculator, several of the major factors are used to give you a reasonably accurate estimate. Some of these include:

1. Your age.
Drivers under 25 and especially male teen drivers can expect to pay a lot more for coverage.

2. Your car.
The vehicle you drive is one of the most significant price ranking factors. The more expensive and “sportier” your car is, the more you will be paying in general for coverage.

3. Your area.
Each insurer has risk models for every zip code in the United States. When you calculate your rates, this will be a huge factor. It is also helpful to get fast estimates if you are moving soon and looking at three or four different residential housing areas. Use a car insurance estimator tool to get a quick view of insurance prices in each field with Loya insurance.

Each little change you make to your profile like marriage status or driving history will change your expected rates slightly. Getting a general auto insurance estimator quote helps you narrow down choices for the type of car you can afford and what areas cost more to insure your vehicle.

Car Insurance Estimators vs. full Quotes at Loya Insurance

You might be confused at to when you should get a Loya full auto insurance quote or just a quick estimate. If you are analyzing rates on multiple vehicles, you might want to start with an auto ins estimator, so you can get a rough idea of what rates you can expect to pay for several cars. An estimate is also good, so you can get a “baseline” number that you can then use as a rate benchmark later on when you get full quotes.

Once you have decided on a car and are ready to purchase a policy, get a detailed insurance quotation from multiple insurers. At sites like, we scan dozens of the top insurers to get you the cheapest rates possible. Also, if your insurance is currently up and you are not sure whether to renew it, get a full automobile insurance quote and see if you can beat your current rate. You should get insurance estimates with Loya at least twice a year because you could save much money. They only take a couple of minutes of your time, so there is no excuse.

Get Car Insurance Estimates Online

Without question, the best insurance rates and deals today are found online, this is because consumers are in the midst of a paradigm shift towards online quotes, and away from general agents and brokers. Over 70% of people now go online first when shopping for automobile insurance. Going online is exceptional for consumers because all of the insurers have to give their lowest quotes to attract new customers. Most consumers save on average about $500 on automobile coverage, over calling up a broker or agent.

At Loya Insurance, all of our online quotes are totally free and come with no obligation to buy a policy. Let us show you how much money you can save with special discounted promotional rates. Get your auto insurance estimate with Loya Insurance and start saving today.