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The general notion of auto insurance is quite negative due to various reasons from the expensive premium, late claim process, payout disputes, to unresponsive customer services. People also tend to believe that auto insurance is unnecessary as long as everyone drives well and obeys the traffic signs. Auto insurance is indeed not mandatory in some states, for examples New Hampshire and Virginia, but the DMVs in both states still require all drivers to produce or proof financial responsibility of some sort such as cash deposit.

In any other states, the law dictates that every driver must purchase at least the minimum coverage requirement; minimum coverage limits are different from state to state. It is not obligatory to purchase optional coverage, yet people often fall for empty promises in auto insurance advertisements and end up with a number of coverage they never need. It is a waste of money and the amount can be hundreds of dollars. Policyholders must pay for those unnecessary additional bills or take the risk of insurance cancellation. It is therefore important to understand all factors that affect insurance rate and how to minimize the premium for efficient expense.

In terms of customer service, Loya Car Insurance is one of the best in the industry

Many (if not most) people pay for insurance more than they need, and it happens for very simple reason: the reluctance to learn about the nature of auto insurance and compare prices from different providers. In modern world where information is always few clicks away, there is no excuse for that unfortunate circumstance. Auto insurance cover broad subjects and price comparison can take hours; these are not enjoyable but worth the time.

Determine the Amount of Coverage Necessary
In addition to online research about the auto insurance industry, another important thing is to determine the amount of coverage compulsory to purchase. The government provides list of mandatory coverage and minimum limit for each. Local DMV has information about this, so don’t be lazy to stop-by and ask. Many auto insurance providers are very helpful in this as well. Anyone can ask about types of coverage in accordance to car types, address, professions, number of drivers in the household, annual mileage, and safety features in the vehicle. Not all providers are equal, however. Every good company has representatives on the phone to tackle all questions anybody can ask about the insurance. Even on weekend, anybody can always ask for recommendations via email. With hundreds of branch offices in public areas, the company welcomes everyone to ask questions in direct face-to-face conversation or via phone.

Insurance rate is the accumulation of multiple factors; some can reduce, while others can increase the premium. For example, an expensive luxury car comes with high premium rate (for this factor only). Since the owner has installed sophisticated safety features in the car, insurers are happy to reduce the rate. This car also travels for at least 40 miles per day, and it should increase the rate. However, it always stays and parks in safe neighborhood with low crime rate, so insurer lowers the rate again.

State’s minimum coverage requirement is still mandatory regardless of other factors
In most states, the mandatory coverage includes Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage. Every driver must purchase those just to meet the legal requirement; they are forms of financial responsibility. In the event of at-fault accident, policyholder has the funds to cover for someone else’s injuries and property damages. Anything other than those falls within optional category. The main reason to purchase optional coverage is to get better protection. Collision and Comprehensive are optional, yet they are useful to avoid the financial concerns due to theft, vandalism, falling objects, and car repairs after an accident. Loya Car Insurance offers both mandatory and optional coverage for everyone.

DMV Records
Driver’s record plays key role to determine insurance rate. Previous accidents, traffic tickets, insurance lapses in the past, and DUI convictions add significant amount of money to the total price. In worst case scenario, a driver with recurrent accidents or multiple DUI convictions may not get insurance at all. Most companies in the standard market reject applicants with bad history, and this is where Loya Insurance comes in. It offers insurance policies to all drivers regardless of DMV records and credit score. Approval is almost always certain unless there are technical concerns for example coverage area. The company operates in the following locations: Texas (headquarter), Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, and Ohio.

Loya Car Insurance is one of non-standard market company that specializes on high-risk drivers

Those with traffic tickets, DUI, and bad credit score are in the high-risk category thus most companies are reluctant to provide protections. General assumption is that drivers with bad records/credit score tend to file claims more often and miss payments. Whether or not the assumption is true, high-risk drivers as customers do not have the authority to change insurance providers’ decisions. The easiest way they can do is to seek insurance from a company that indeed focuses on their category.

Loya Car Insurance owns more than 700 branch office across 12 states as of 2016. Most of the offices are in public locations for examples grocery stores, shopping centers, commercial office buildings, and department stores. All customers can visit the office and consult the agents in direct communication to find out more about their insurance options, price, payment methods, and claim procedures.

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