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fred loyal insurance Fred Loyal insurance protects you with affordable auto policies that are customized to fit your needs giving you an awesome coverage together with a great customer service experience. Auto accidents can happen to anyone. No matter how careful you are, it’s possible that some other careless driver causes an unexpected havoc. Such mishaps are not foreseen and when they do, it can be overwhelming as the situation may be too much for you to handle together with the trauma that follows.

Every automobile accident is usually followed with some financial loss
Lawsuits may arise aside from the cost of damaged properties and medical bills and it is, therefore, important for every car owner to purchase auto insurance in order to be relieved of such financial issues that could come up. An auto insurance coverage is a prerequisite and most states will require that you subscribe to an auto insurance company or provide a proof to show your financial capability and responsibility.

Therefore it is very important that you understand what your auto insurance policy covers this is why Fred Loya insurance takes the responsibility to equip her subscribers with adequate knowledge. Knowing this, helps you to understand the coverage you enjoy and its limits as well. If you compare your premium rates between friends and family, you will notice that these rates differ. This is because not all policies are the same. The company provides you with affordable policies with great premiums. Auto insurance may not be that easy to understand but it isn’t rocket science too. Most people do not even read through the policy to see what it entails, so we are going to simply spell it out to you here.


Fred Loyal insurance provides you with the following auto insurance policies

Liability Coverage
Under the liability coverage, Fred Loya insurance has the insurance for bodily injury, liability for insurance of property damage and the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Under the bodily injury liability, you are not covered directly. If an accident occurs where injuries are incurred, and you happen to be the cause – the insurance cover protects you against their damage claims and medical claims.

The property damage liability cover protects you from the property damage claims when there is an auto accident. When there is a collision the property damaged are being taken care of.
Uninsured motorist provides a direct protect for you. In accident cases like a hit-and-run case, this insurance covers for your injuries. It is also applicable in cases where the driver who hit you does not have an auto liability insurance. Underinsured auto coverage takes effect when the liability cover of the driver who is at fault is limited and cannot cover the damages caused. The underinsured motorist coverage will pay extra to sustain your limits.

The Uninsured and Underinsured liability insurance may cover for both injury and property damage or you may have to subscribe to 2 different policies that caters for property damages or bodily injuries. Another type of the liability insurance coverage is the Personal Injury Protection (PIP). It covers you and any other person who was riding with you during an auto accident. It doesn’t matter what the fault is – a minimum amount will be expended on each person for their injuries. This coverage entails medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, work loss benefits, and funeral expenses.

Fred Loyal insurance has 2 types of this coverage to protect your vehicle

Collision Coverage covers the expenses for the physical damages on your car when you collide with another vehicle or other objects such as trees, fences, etc. The Loya insurance Comprehensive Coverage pays for the damages on your vehicle aside from the damages caused by a collision. The comprehensive coverage covers for loss such as theft, fire, vandalism, weather-related losses such as hail, water (flood), falling objects, damages caused animals. When buying any of these insurance policies, you are going to determine the amount for your deductible. A deductible is that amount you pay prior to the insurance company.


Optional Insurance Coverage
You may have a selected aspect you want to cover or may want to decide on what loses to cover for based on what you can afford. There are some other insurance policies you can choose from.
Medical Payment Coverage covers for the medical and funeral expenses for the subscriber or others who were injured or died in an accident while they were riding or driving your vehicle.
Since accidents are unexpected, the trauma that follows throws a lot of people off balance. Whenever such an incident occurs, Loya insurance wants you to remain calm and take the following necessary steps.

The first thing to do is to put a call through to the proper authorities informing them of the injuries and situation at hand. No matter what the effect is, you should also report the case to the police. Administer first aid treatments if necessary and take records such as; the name, address, phone numbers of the other driver, passenger and witnesses at the accident venue. Take some photographs of the event and write down the license number of the vehicles involved.

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